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Inappropriate gift?

My fiance and I have been toying with the idea of just doing a mini honeymoon right after our wedding- both for financial reasons and because planning the wedding is a big enough project for the moment. We had talked about going to Napa, but decided we'd rather take the smaller trip now and save up during the year to have a really nice trip after our 1 year anniversary. His brother, knowing that we wanted to go to Napa, just informed us that his wedding gift to us was that he'd pay for a trip- plane tickets and possibly lodging. We are quite uncomfortable with this gift. It just seems like too much- he is the younger of the two brothers and is currently unemployed (keeps telling us he has a hefty sum saved up). Even if he wasn't the younger of the two and had a job, it would still seem to be an inappropriately large gift that we wouldn't feel comfortable accepting. Thankfully the only thing actually purchased was a guidebook.  How should we deal with this? Is there a polite way to let him know we can't accept his gift? 

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    I would thank him for his generosity but tell him you wouldn't feel comfortable accepting such a large present. If he still ends up doing it, there's not much you can do besides thank him profusely; at least you shared your piece.

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    Tell him how you feel, that's definitely a start. If he really is persistant.. accept it and thank him graciously. [:
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