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Should we register

My fiance and I are consolidating the contents of two houses, and a lifetime of stuff.  We really don't need anything at all. We have already said we don't want a shower.  We are having a small wedding (this is my 2nd).  I was thinking we should not register, so that anyone wishing to give a gift would most likely give cash. Then I thought better that maybe we should register for a few small things, so that we don't end up with a bunch of crystal vases.  Suggestions?

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  • Walk around your house and see what could use upgrading. Towels looking raggedy? Sheets wearing thin? Could you use a few fun kitchen electrics? Put those on a small registry. People will get the hint that you want cash, and you'll probably get some upgrades in the process.
  • I would register, even if its only for a handful of things. We don't really need much because we've lived together, but I'm mainly registering for upgrades or things I know I will end up replacing soon anyways. It's best to register for something so your guests can have that option of buying you a physical gift if they want to do that.

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  • If anything, register for some decorative items - a throw, maybe some pillows, a few candle holders/vases, and picture frames. Then if someone wants to get you a gift they have those kind of options.
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    Maybe items for entertaining?  Things like a big coffee urn, pitchers, platters, cake stand, folding chairs and folding tables, tablecloths, cloth napkins, coasters, etc.  When FI and I combined our stuff when we moved in together, we realized we didn't own any of those types of things, since neither of us was in the habit of entertaining bigger groups of people when we each lived alone.

    ETA: Also luggage!  We had the most ridiculous, mis-matched, half-dead luggage ever between the two of us, so we registered for a nice five-piece set of matching luggage.
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  • I would say since you guys are combining stuff you might not having matching sets of towels or sheets that you both enjoy or a comforter set that you both like, so those might be things you might want to register for.
  • We weren't going to register because we already grown ups with nice stuff.   But then the thought came across that if we don't register we might come off as cash grabbers or get stuff we don't need.  So we registered and Crate and Barrel and looked at everything they sell online and found some cool stuff we wanted!  Hello herb scissors and cookie dough scoop!
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    Ummmm if you don't want crystal vases you should register.  Because if you didn't, and I was invited to your wedding, I would buy you a nice, generic crystal vase since I don't give cash.
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  • I am in a similar boat and was not going to register either BUT my BM pretty much told me I had to so now I have 2 registries. LOL.  I would too if I were you and register for fun stuff you could use but would never buy for yourself like a chocolate fountain or fondue set. Also, upgrades are nice... I could use a few, including a knife block.
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    I've been living with my fiance' for almost 3 yrs and our house has everything.  But, some of the things are old since most of the things are from college which were hand me downs to begin with lol.  I decided to upgrade big things like cook ware and flatware.  There are somethings we didn't have once I looked...wisk, bunt cake pan, cooling rack, etc.  Also you can set up a honeymoon fund where guest can donate toward a honeymoon.  Check it out!
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