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What to do or how to do it

I am getting married a second time in June I have my own house and my own things so there is alot that we need.  My sister and bridemaids really want me to have the full experience with a bridal shower and everything (since i didnt with the first one).  Do i need to register for gifts?  If so I thought of jsut register for simple things like sheets and towels ect.  But there is really nothing we NEED.

Re: What to do or how to do it

  • Im sure i could come up with some tems to replace. Thanks I never thought about that lol
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    If you're having a shower then you need to register.  Sheets and towels are great, replace and upgrade where needed, but this a perfect opportunity to register for things you want.  Food processor, mixer, decorative items, outdoor items (DH and I are campers so we put some of those things on our registry).  
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  • Like PP said, if you are sure there is nothing you need, find things to upgrade.  Your microwave is lookin bad and makin a horrid noise? Register for a new one.  You want that super cool smoothie maker, register for one.  It's more about things you want since you have everything you need.
  • Yes you can register for fun things you'd like to have, even electronics, and it doesn't have to be a big deal.  If you don't need a lot and don't want a shower, you can politely decline, and maybe get together with your girls for a fun girls' evening out / bachelorette party where nobody needs to worry about bringing gifts.  Don't forget you can save sheets and towels until the ones you are using start to get worn out and need to be replaced.
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  • We both had houses and were living on our own when we got married so our registry was mostly linens and some redecorating (new shower curtain, guest room bed set, etc).  My favorite item on the registry was the non-slip ultra slim hangers since we needed to combine closets and save space.  I found those at BBB. We also registered for a new toaster since both of ours were on their way out.
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