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Has anyone used this site?  If so what did you think?

Also, were you able to set up cash gifts for honeymoon - or was it just stores??


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    There's a whole board for that site, here:

    And FYI, cash registries, including honeymoon registries, are generally frowned upon here.

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    Frowned upon?  Why is it frowned upon if you don't mind me asking?

    Someone gave me the idea, because I really do not need much, and I don't want to register for things I do not need, I thought this would make people feel they are actually giving a "gift" that is not just cash?
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    It's frowned upon because it's essentially asking for cash, which is a big etiquette no-no.

    Plus, a lot of the honeymoon, and other cash-based, registries, take a percentage.  So rather than you getting the full benefit of the $100 your Aunt Susie gave you, you only get $94 of it.

    Try looking around your home(s) and see if there are things you need and can upgrade.  Maybe you need new towels, or your dishes and pots and pans were all hand me downs.  Or think outside the box.  Do you guys camp or things like that?  Lots of people register for camping equipment, and other more interesting things than just housewares.

    And if you really don't want anything but cash, just turn down showers and don't register.  Most of your guests will get the message, but be aware that some, particularly older people, will still buy you things and without a registry you run the risk of getting duplicate gifts or things you really don't want or have need of, and may or may not be able to return.
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    HM registries are frowned on, because you're asking for cash, and many HM registries take a % fee as well.

    Many of the HM registries claim that guests can "buy" you snorkeling, or a bottle of wine, or swimming with dolphins, or whatever.....  But they don't.  What they do is give you the cash (minus their fee, of course) and then YOU pay for those things.  So it's really a very thinly veiled bait and switch.

    Then there is the issue of people relying on a HM registry, and planning a vacation that they can't afford.  Guests don't use the HM registry, so now a couple is either going into debt for a potentially vacation, or they don't get an HM at all.

    And from my POV, if I'm going to give cash, I'll just write a cheque and you can use it for whatever.  But I'd be unhappy being asked to fund what is, at the end of the day, a vacation.
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    Nicole,  Don't put to much wieght on what people say on the boards...they are usually very traditional or very young.  I have noticed quite an increase in honeymoon registries amongst my friends (late 20' early 30's groups)  so FI and I have followed.

    I know most younger or maybe more traditional people don't understand, but at 28 and 29 with well established careers and living together for over a year...FI and I have EVERYTHING we could possibly need.  Between the two of us we could not come up with very much to register we are following our friends and setting up honeymoon registries, like you.   BTW, got a feel on family members about this and they think it is a gredat idea for well established couples.  That means we get the honeymoon of our dreams without skipping a payment on the mortage.  Do what you want to is your wedding. are inviting people that love you, they will either pay for crappy china you dont need or your honeymoon (depending on what you register for)...they just want you to be happy. :)  So go on that dream honeymoon!

    btw...unlike PP If I was your friend or family I would not be unhappy to write a check for your honeymoon...did it for all of our friends in the last 3 years and they all had a great for the one person I bought that platter, well, they still haven't used it yet! I think it is still in a box in their garage... But they registered for it, so I guess that was better?!

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    I agree with strasbjl- If a friend's registry simply said they were trying to get the money together for a dream honeymoon I'd have no problem contributing money and I certainly wouldn't look down on them for asking. I'm not registered for my honeymoon but I was discussing the idea with a group of friends recently and we all thought it was a great alternative to traditional registry (we're all late 20s btw).
    I have to say that in my opinion, looking down on your friends or family for preferring a honeymoon over a traditional gift registry is tacky.

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    Strasbjl and Green Dinos- thanks for the insight, I did ask friends and family and they all loved the idea, which is why it was hard for me to understand that it would be frowned on.  FI and I have lived with eachother for 4 1/2 years, I have soo much crap!  I personally would rather pay for part of a honey moon than something that would just sit in a cabinet.

    Thanks ladies! :)
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