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Taking Items off Registry

Hi Ladies,
So, my aunt LOVES to bargin shop online.  So needless to say finding things on my registry for cheaper has become a mission for her lol.  Is there a way that anyone knows of to remove items without buying them through the store?  She dons't want me to take them off casue she dosn't want me to know what she got.  I'm registered at Macys, Target, and Crate and Barrel.
Thanks so much!
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Re: Taking Items off Registry

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    I have called stores before to let them know that I bought something for a registry, but forgot to tell the cashier at the time I was checking out, and they have checked it off as purchased for me. 

    I would tell her to call the stores and let them know she purchased something for a registry but it is not coming up as purchased, and see it they will do it for you. 
  • I agree with Annie.  I've done that before as well when I've forgotten to say it's for a registry.

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    [QUOTE]No, I don't think they'll remove the item unless they scan it and the registry list. The only other way is for you to do it. Sorry, it's not any help.
    Posted by lizstill13[/QUOTE]

    That's not true at all. Just call the store the registry is at and tell them to mark the item as purchased. I've had to do that when the cashiers don't scan the registry properly at the store.
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