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Which bridal registry is the most popular?

Hey can anyone direct me in knowing which bridal registry is the most popular? I'm working on some bridal research and need to find the bridal registry with the highest market share? Does anyone know?


Re: Which bridal registry is the most popular?

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    I would guess BB&B, only because it's a national chain and always sends out those 20% coupons
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    I would say BB&B or Macy's.
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    I'd say Bed Bath and Beyond or Crate and Barrel, depending on region.
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    I'd think Target. Everyone I know registeres there, and usually either Penny's or Sears around here. We did Target, Kohl's and Crate and Barrel

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    Id say Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Kohls, and Macys. Target is pretty standard around here. Most of the people who have registered at Target have registered there for the essentials/basics and then registered at Macys/BB&B for more indulgent things. Ill be registering at Target and Cabela's. FI and I are more into practicality so Target is where we'll register for most of our household items. Cabelas is a "just for fun" kind of thing since we're both really into hunting, fishing, camping, etc.
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    Target's the big one here, I don't think anyone's going to buy off our Macy's except my mom.
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    We are doing Target & BB&B!!!! Its easy and online! MOst towns have a target!
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    I'd say BBB, Target, Kohls, Macy's are big ones around here.  We did BBB, Kohls & Sears (so my FH could register for tools).  I started one at Target but kept hearing bad stories about returning gifts, even if they came off of your registry.  Also, their merchandise is discontinued so quickly I was afraid that what I register for now won't be available in 2 months when we have my shower.  BBB is also cheaper on some things than Target (and Kohls too).  The 20% coupons don't expire and you can use one per item you purchase.  Kohls will give you a 15% discount on everything on your registry that isn't purchased for you as a gift.  I thought that was kinda cool.
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