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I'm uber frustrated with Target

So FH and I registered at Target because there were some fun electronic stuff that we thought would be neat to have.  I also thought that I would register for sheets and casual dining wear.  We scanned about 8 sheet sets and a full 16 person dining wear and when I look at the registry online now most of the stuff is NOT on there at all.  And some of the stuff that is is not available.  The one thing that is good is the electronic stuff.  Should I just re-registure for the things that aren't there?  Did anyone have this problem as well.
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Re: I'm uber frustrated with Target

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    If you look through previous threads on this and other boards, you'll see this apparently happens often with Target registries and that things you did not order may show up. They also have a really awful return policy, you might want to check that out and re-think having a target registry.
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    Yea sorry Target sucks.  As much as FI wanted to register there I insisted on Macys instead.  Can you register for the same stuff at another store?  Kohls?
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    We had a few things we registered for not show up, but then again, we had a few things we didn't register for show up ...
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    P2HP2H member
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    I have heard that Target registries suck, so we won't be doing ours there.  I would recommend you register elsewhere.
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    JenO24JenO24 member
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    We're registered at Target and BBB...we have yet to have any issues w/ Target in store or online.
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    I'm a huge Target fan, but I have heard nightmares about their registry.  We are not registering there.  We opted for JC Penny instead.
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    Seriously?! Ugh...we noticed the same thing when we looked at ours online, but I didn't think too much about it since we have a while to fix it. I do not want to's such a pain! We had went to JCPenny and couldn't find ANYTHING so switched to Kohl's and we didn't find much there either. Target was like the big one for us. :(
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