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Hey ladies- first post on this board- Is anyone getting something special for their MOH that they aren't getting for the rest of the BMs? I'm not sure what to get. I was thinking a Starbucks gift card because she loves starbucks but is that appropriate in addition to any of the other gifts I'm giving to all of the girls?
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Re: MOH Gift

  • That is definitely appropriate.  My sis is my MOH, and I got her something extra because she really  has gone above and beyond the call of duty - she helped me with invitations, favors, AND seating cards.

    If you don't want to give your MOH her gift in front of the other bridesmaids, you can take her aside and do so separately.
  • Oh good thinking I think I will give her gift separately.. Didn't even occur to me! Thank you!
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  • I got my MOH a Juicy Couture purse...she more than deserved it. She has been my ROCK. Practically my wedding planner, scheduler, therapist, DIY buddy...the list goes on. Not to mention, my oldest friend, My wedding's in 24 days and I gave her her gift this past weekend. I'll give my BM's their gifts at the rehearsal dnner. I also have a smaller, similiargift for my MOH to gift her at the rehearsal so it doesn't look odd. 

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  • I got my MOH something extra. We have been through so much together and I just really wanted to do something for her that was different. I found a website I like called UniqueGoods. They have a bunch of cute things and I wound up getting her the blown glass wine stopper. 
  • Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out it is such a cute shop with tons of military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the "love is trading in your perals for his dog tags" so sweet.
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