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What are you getting for...

your wedding party gifts and parent gifts?? I'm having a lot of trouble finding something I like that's not a swiss army knife for the guys and an engraved compact mirror for the girls. Not trying to knock TK but the gifts available in the store are not exactly original. Thanks!!!

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    For my girls I did a GC to their favorite place, chocolates, bath sets from Bath and Body Works, picture frame (for a wedding photo of the girls) and personalized bags from Etsy with their names on it.  I spend about $100 per girl

    My husband did personalized poker sets for his guys and they loved them

    For my parents I got them tickets to Michael Buble, and a parents album
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    For the girls I'm going to get them a spa gift, but I'm makking sure its filled with stuff they actually use (a lot of nosey work in their bathrooms...)

    For the guys, we're getting them capcatcher bottle openers from They're awesome.

    Parents get the typical photos after the wedding, they like to show off.
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    LaurenDarling - I love the bottle opener idea! I'm definitely going to mention that to me FI.
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    Everybody's getting zippos. (both FI and my late grandfather collect(ed) them.) They're just handy to have.
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