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Honeymoon Gift For A Friend...

One of my best friends is getting married on Nov 3rd. I'm one of her MOHs (there's 2 of us) and she'll be one of my BMs next year. She and her FI have registries at Target and Amazon for random kitchen and car items, but I wanted our gift to be a little more fun than that.

My friend and her FI are working the week after the wedding, but then will be driving from MO to FL to go to Disney World. I was thinking I could put together a Honeymoon Roadtrip Survival Kit. Not sure if FI is entirely on board with me, but thought I'd poll people...

I was thinking simple items like snacks and drinks, a gift card to McD's (they love it and I know they'll pass at least one on the way) and then the biggest amount for a gas card. I thought I could put in a few fun items like a deck of cards (as of yet, my friend's sister and sister's boyfriend will also be taking this roadtrip with them, so they'll have people they know...), batteries and a SD card for their camera.

I figure the week after their wedding will be pretty crazy still, and they'll just have shelled out a ton of money for their wedding, so I thought it might be nice to lessen the blow of the honeymoon trip. I live in Iowa - otherwise I'd offer to have them over for dinner that week, too.

I'm not going for conventional...their Halloween bash wedding is not conventional. But what do you think??
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Re: Honeymoon Gift For A Friend...

  • I actually think that's a great idea.  Gas is such a crappy expense, I don't know anyone who wouldn't be thrilled with a gas card.
  • I think this is a great idea. Gift cards to places you know they love and/or need to go are perfect, and I think they'll totally appreciate the snacks and drinks. You're a thoughtful friend!
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  • I like this one.  The only thing I'd add would be a book that she has been wanting to read and one her FI has been wanting to read - or at least ones that they would be interested in.
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  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    I agree this is a thoughtful and fun idea.

    Are you driving straight through to Florida?  You might want to consider ear plugs, a sleeping mask, or those neck cushions for anyone that wants to try and catch some sleep.  Does the car have a DVD player?  You could pack a movie or two for the trip. If you have time, maybe you could burn a mix CD or two filled with great "road trip" music.   Will you encounter any tolls?  A roll of quarters might come in handy. 

    Other random items that would be more of a "survival" kit might include refresh towelettes, pain reliever, gum/mints/mouth refresher items, or inexpensive fleece blanket.

  • I like the idea of adding some music.   You could also get some car games (they make travel versions of games with magnets to play on trips) if they are into board games.  In general, this sounds like a really thoughtful gift idea.
  • I also think this is a fun idea.  Maybe instead of the gas card do a pre-paid credit card gift card instead?  I drive from RI to VA (and back!) at least once a year and I don't think I stop at the same chain of gas station more than once in each direction.  There are national chains, but I think regional gas chains are more common. 
  • I love the idea, it is a very thoughtful gift.
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  • I think it's a great idea!  And maybe a gift certificate for an oil change when they return? Add TP, toilet seat covers, pepto bismol, dramamine, energy shots :)
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  • It's a great idea! FI and I roadtrip for fun and we found bringing trivial pursuit cards to be fun since regular playing cards aren't really realistic for the car. But it's fun to play some trivia guessing along the way. We also bought an electronic 20 questions thing from Wal Mart for like $3 and it's been totally worth it. Everyone else suggestions have been great too! I might have to steal this idea!
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  • Thank you for all the ideas, ladies!

    I think I have it mostly figured out. I def like the idea to get trivia cards - I might check Goodwill or something just for the cards (she's a fan, she won't be offended). And I'll have to check into a music mix!
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    Reply requested by March 23.
  • Very cute idea!  and I really like above poster's idea of putting in a roll of quarters for tolls. 
  • Best idea ever! Maybe see if you can purchase Gift Cards to Disney attractions too? I know food and shops there are very expensive.
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    Ok...the wedding is this weekend. As of now, this is my final list. This is car survival meets thoughtful gift...hopefully. So if any particular item sounds way too random, let me know. If you have a good idea of something to add, please let me know!

    I thought of wrapping these items kind of in a tower. I have multiple boxes, so tried to see if I could categorize them. Altho again, let me know if that's a lame idea haha

    For the car:
    - 4pk toilet paper (she's very concerned abt public restrooms - I just think of sketchy rest stops!)
    - box of tissues
    - box of large ziploc bags
    - trash bag (tall kitchen size)
    - 2 small Walmart size plastic bags
    - small first aid kit
    - change for the toll roads in Orlando
    - Trivial Pursuit TV show cards
    - tire pressure gauge
    - 2 packs gum
    - bag of organic Yum Earth lollipops (she's a vegetarian and is into the organic stuff too)
    - bar of raspberry dark chocolate (her fave! altho maybe this will be a snack the night before the wedding, or to keep in her fridge for her return...)
    - 2 boxes Annie's cheddar bunnies and 2 boxes Annie's bunny cookie things (again, one of her faves)
    - the big item is a $50 Visa gift card (for gas, food, whatever)

    For fun:
    - bottle opener
    - glow in the dark bracelets
    - 8GB memory card for her camera (just to be on the safe side)
    - 4pk AA batteries for her camera (because camera burn through them!)

    For comfort/for the cabin:
    They are staying at Disney's Fort Wilderness in one of the cabins.
    - face wipes
    - lip balm
    - contact solution
    - ibuprofen
    - face sunscreen
    - lotion
    - antibacterial
    - reg sunscreen
    - bug spray
    - Bath & Body Works hand soap (again, creepy reststops or maybe the cabin)
    - dish scrubbie and dish soap?
    - 2x surface wipes

    The only other idea I have is to maybe get ponchos? Various blogs have said that there are frequent rain showers at Disney World?

    Oh, and a music mix, although I don't know if I have time to get that together. We're leaving on Thursday to drive down to St Louis!

    And of course we are including a Congratulations card. I also have a plan to print out some maps and a few tips I've found online for staying at/visiting Disney.

    Much of the included items are sample size or I had it already, so I probably only spent $30, then the $50 for the gift card (plus $5 activation fee), so I'm at about $85 right now. I'm not opposed to spending a bit more, as long as it's something I can easily find.

    They do have a meal plan for while they're there, so lunch and dinner is covered. They really just have to worry about snacks and breakfast. I thought about drinks and a cooler, but with 4 people in the car, and their luggage, I didn't know how good an idea that would be. I know they want adult beverages, but again there's the space concern...but also glass bottles and a long drive. Maybe something they'll buy at the grocery once they get there?

    Thanks, ladies!!
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    Reply requested by March 23.
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Your list sounds very thorough. Personally, even at room temperature, a few bottles of water might be a good idea. Perhaps an 8 pack of those smaller, 8 ounce bottles, just to stay hydrated and alert. You can purchase ponchos for as little as a dollar or two at Wal-Mart, and it sure beats the prices the theme park would charge! The only other thing I have kept in the car for road trips are those little hand washing sheets. They came in handy when snacking in the car. Your friends are going to love and appreciate your personal and thoughtful gift!
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