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Registering for different versions of the same item

FI and I are planning on doing some registering this weekend and I have a question. Say I like a set of glasses (just for an example) at 2 different stores. Should I register for both, and if I get both decide which one to return later? I don't know why, but that seems wrong to me.

Re: Registering for different versions of the same item

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    I doubt your decision would be easier down the line.  Just pick one now.
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    That seems like a hassle (at least for me b/c I hate returning stuff). I agree with GLB; settle on one now. 
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    We actually have a few items we did register for two of (I restrained my fiancee from doing this for more than a few items). But I had to think about it some before I could make it okay in my head. I think it depends on what you would exchange it for. I eventually decided if I returned something but used the money to buy something else off our registry that we didn't receive it would be okay. Anyone who knows me ought to know I wouldn't be so rude as to return their gift and use the money to buy groceries or something equally rude.
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