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Person we don't know got us a gift - has this happened to you?

I was browsing the registry last night and noticed someone we didn't invite to the wedding got us a gift. (we're registered on Amazon and it keeps a thank you list for us) I asked my parents thinking maybe they blabbed to a friend, but they don't know him and then I asked my fiance' if he might of had a friend that was a girl that got married and changed her last name, but he said no. 

We haven't recieved the present so maybe there will be a card that explains it, but we are puzzled, so I was wondering if anyone else ever got a mystery gift from someone. Did you send them a thank you or is it safer not to? 

I forgot to mention, but Amazon also has his address listed and we don't know anyone who lives in that area, so that makes it a little more odd....

Re: Person we don't know got us a gift - has this happened to you?

  • Just wait to see what the card/note says.  Someone you know could have purchased a gift using another account, or it could have been a kid or SO of  a guest that you don't know as well.  Definitely plan to write a TY note for every gift you receive.

    We did get a gift from someone that my grandfather and father know, but we have never met.  We wrote a nice thank you note. 
  • Is your name common at all?  We sent a baby gift on accident because we thought the registry was that of a friend..  The info was the same name as the mom and listed in our state (no city).  Could it be possible they just didn't look at the details and maybe sent it to the wrong person?  Since we bought online and had it shipped to the home, we never saw the address of the recipient.  
  • I've seen people mention buying anonymous gifts off Amazon registries as a way to do a "random act of kindness" for a stranger. I know it's not technically anonymous if their name is visible, but maybe that was the intention?
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