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How do you register for a bed??

So, one of the MAIN things my future husband and I will need is a bed. I only own a double bed which isn't very comfortable with both of us in it and he only owns a single bed. He is unusually tall and his single bed is a very nice bed he needed to buy after he required back surgery when he was in college. We will need a really nice bed if only to be long enough for him and be okay for his back - which won't be cheap! I don't know if I want to go out and find this bed now and figure out how one registers for it?? I mean ONE person can't buy us a bed - we need like a registry to go towards the buying of the bed.I don't want to post on the website we want a bed so give us money towards it - thoughts?

I know people use websites for their honeymoons where people "buy" you breakfast and bed but essentially it just collects the money for you. Can you do that for other things? The biggest negative of that though is the website takes a percentage.
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