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I know this is probably way obvious to everyone else, but for whatever reason - I'm really slow to figure this out...  I know that typically most couples will register at 2 or 3 places.  If you are registering at more than one place, how are you deciding where to get what...  Like... If I want a keurig coffee maker - do I need to go to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond to compare prices to find the best deal?  I think my FI and I are going to register at Target, Macy's, and BBB or Crate and Barrel.  I want to make this as painless as possible for my fiance while still keeping him involved...  As excited as I am to register - I'm kind of dreading the "homework" that might be involved. 

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Re: Plan of Attack

  • Meh, I would just pick one and start there. I would start at the one that is probably cheaper (BBB or Target over Macy's) and get what you can, then move on to the others. Worst case scenario, you'll figure out later the other store carries it cheaper and can switch things around online. Or if someone's already bought it, you can return it for credit for something else at that store and go to the cheaper store.
  • FI and I went to both places we registered with a general list of what we wanted (we later added and adjusted the list accordingly). We went to Target and BBB, I think BBB first. We did do some price comparing between the two, but now that you can add and delete items online, it makes it super easy and convenient without having to go into the store a zillion times.

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  • Honestly, I just went into the store with my mom and sisters (FI doesn't live here) and walked around scanning the things they said we would need and some stuff that I thought we would enjoy having. They knew better than I did since they registered about 3 years ago and know what they use a ton. I didn't compare prices but then again I only registered at Macy's and Wal-Mart with appliances and such. My other two registries are at small specialty stores. Have fun registering! The scanner gun is great! :)
  •  We are going to start at BBB, since they have so much in one spot, and they carry the fine china pattern i want. We're registering for  crystal too, I haven't picked out a line, so I may do that at Belk or something. Then, if I can't find what I want at BBB, I think I'll do either Target or Crate and Barrel!
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  • I did my research before registering, but I also knew going in what stores I wanted to use. I knew I didn't want to register at Target because of their terrible return policy (so I've heard). I think it's a great idea to compare prices online before registering and going in with a plan; however, it is very easy to tweak things online after you register. You also want to consider benefits of certain stores. Macy's, for instance, has a great rewards program wherein you receive credit for items purchased for you and they send you a gift card after the wedding for you to use. Most stores offer a completion discount, so I wouldn't register somewhere that doesn't offer that.

    You'll also want to research different brands of the same item, read reviews, and figure out which is the best quality and will last the longest. That was what constituted the bulk of my research.
  • Our biggest registry was BB&B cause of the 20% coupons they send out--we did all our appliances there because of that and we got them all. 
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  • You won't be locked into a price when you register either, so price comparisons won't really do much for you, since Macy's is all about the sale & BB&B is all about the coupons.

    It really depends on which brand of china you like, which should determine where you register for it to get the best deal.  If it's something like Lenox, then go for Macy's since many Lenox patterns go on sale for as low as $75 pp.  If it's Kate Spade, go for BB&B since you can get 20% off each placesetting, but it rarely goes on sale.

  • We decided that we were going to register for different types of things at different places.  BBB didn't have the china we wanted, so we registered for china and Lenox products at Macy's.  Our registry at BBB is longer because it's cheaper and had more selection in-store (we also went there first).  Afterwards, we tweaked stuff online (for instance, if we found a better version of something that we wanted).  If I were you, I would register for big ticket items at the cheaper stores.  A Keurig is the same no matter where you buy it, so why not register for it at BBB, where people can use their 20% coupons?
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  • We registered at four specialized stores, that also seem to give people from all different cities an opportunity to go where we are registered. Not to mention, different geographical areas tend to give different kinds of gifts (like china is HUGE in the South) so we wanted to have lots of variety and price points for everyone! This is how we split it up: 

    Williams-Sonoma: specialized cookware, upgrades for our current pots/pans/knives
                                 also, you can register for wine!!! 
    Bloomingdales: our Wedgwood china, bar glasses/accessories, serving pieces and a 
                             set of linens
    Tiffany: crystal gifts, sea urchin tea set, some silver serving utensils

    Crate & Barrel: inexpensive kitchen gadgets, towels, picture frames, furniture
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  • BBB your guests will be able to use coupons so their prices will probably be the lowest.  Also Target has a horrible return policy so make sure you check it out before registering.
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  • I registered at 5 places and I don't care what anyone thinks because it's "MY DAY!" Sheesh!  I've had to use that saying a lot lately.  Here is why I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn AND Williams-Sonoma: 

    1.  I did most of my registry online.  When I went to the actual stores to check out the items in-person, all stores only had about half of the items that were actually on my list.  Several items could only be purchased online.  Seriously, every store was like this!

    2.  At first I compared prices.  Then, I realized that things go on sale at some places and some don't have the items in the store, like I mentioned above.  Some examples: Bed Bath & Beyond doesn't seem to have several of the expensive items on my registry in-store, although some items are cheaper than Macy's or Bloomingdales.  I know many of my guests wont order things online.  Right now Bloomingdales has a big sale on some of my items that I registered for at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Ultimately, several items that I registered for are on multiple regiistries.  I am just monitoring my registries by checking them online.  If someone buys something, I erase it from all other registries.

    3.  Not all stores stock the same merchandise.  We have a Bed Bath & Beyond that has a bridal section and features a lot of China and crystal, but it is a half hour away from me.  The Bed Bath & Beyond that is closer in distance to me and most of my guests doesn't have many of these items or a bridal section.  I went to Macy's at one mall, and they don't carry any of the Michael Aram items I registered for.  These items were however available at two other malls in the area.     

    Ultimately, my advice is if you want particular items and don't want people detoured because they have to purchase it online or for any other reason, register for the same item at multiple places.

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