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So my wedding is at the end of April and both of my showers are in March (no invites have been sent for anything yet). We registered at Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond awhile back and thought we had more time to put the finishing touches on it before people started buying gifts. Well, this weekend my fiancee's grandma called us to say she ordered us some gifts off of our Macy's registry. We were very excited so we logged on to the registry to see what was coming (we couldn't help ourselves!) We then discovered his grandma ordered everything on the registry that was on sale that weekend. We literally only had 36 things left on the list. We couldn't believe it, she was so generous. We immediately called her back to say thank you and she informed us that there was more she wanted to get but is waiting for it to go on sale as well.  Everyday we keep coming home to boxes and boxes of stuff on our front porch. My question is, when do I send a thank you note? Do I assume this is a shower gift and send it after the shower? Do I send it when the last gift arrives? Do I assume this is a wedding gift and send it after the wedding? I've verbally thanked her many times but want to send a note too. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

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    [QUOTE]If she's sending things every day......maybe wait until the end of each week, and send her one note. Can she afford to do this?  I ask only because sometimes elderly people get carried away....
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    She can afford it, we have asked her daughter (my FMIL) to double check she knows what she is doing and she does. We are the first grandkid to be married and she enjoys buying. But thanks, I'll send a note each week.
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    That is so sweet of her. I'd be sending a weekly or bi monthly note thanking her for her generosity. And I think I'd be buying special cards instead of the basic thank u notes.
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