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Feedback on my registry numbers?

This is the breakdown of my registry gifts and I want to know if you think I'm on target or need to add/subtract.  We are living in a one bedroom apartment and hoping to buy a house next year, so it's hard because we don't know everything we'll need and we don't currently have a ton of space! 

$0-10 - 19 items
$11-30 - 40 items
$31-50 - 12 items
$50-100 - 23 items
$100+ - 8 items

We are inviting 165 to the wedding and the shower will be about 45. 

Side note: my sister/MoH is definitely planning a shower - she's not so good at keeping things a surprise for me.  I also know I'm really far out, but I start grad school next week so am trying to get as much done as possible.  The registries aren't "live" yet and I figure I can add/edit them whenever (or if we get items for Christmas).

Thanks for any help you can give!

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Re: Feedback on my registry numbers?

  • I think the breakdown looks great! With around 45 shower guests, I think your price rance is just right. :)
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  • To me this depends on whether your circle gives physical gifts for both the shower and the wedding or just the shower.  If it's just the shower then I think you're fine.  If it's the wedding too then I think you need more.

    As a guest I don't like being backed into a corner with choices - I don't necessarily follow the "two gifts per gift-giving group" mantra, but I think you need options.  Some people will buy more than one thing, some won't - but if I don't want to get you a toaster, then it sort of sucks when the only thing left in my price range is the toaster, KWIM?

    The other option is to see where this gets you and then be prepared to add more later.

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  • I would add more items!  I was very surprise about folks generosity.  I got a lot of items - $50 to $150 dollar items.  I had three showers but collectivly about 60 folks.  A lot of people that were not able to attend sent gifts as well.  I got a few wedding gifts as well. I had about 400 items rangeing from 10 bucks to 400 bucks.  About 1/3 of the items have been purchased. I registered at Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond and Macy's.  

    I have been a guest to many weddings and hate not being able to have limited choices.  
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  • Thanks for the feedback!  In my family, most people give physical gifts at the shower and then checks/gift cards at the wedding (I think we're just a lazy bunch who don't want to lug presents around on the big day!).  I think I'm going to leave it for now and then monitor it when the shower gets closer to make sure there are still items in every price range.  Right now, every item on there is either something we really love/want (Kitchenaid mixer!) or something we need (silverware). 

    Thanks everyone!
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  • When I registered at BB&B, they said take the number of people invited to the wedding and double that. They said some people may buy more than one gift- for my cousin's bridal shower, I bought her a set of wine glasses, a kitchen timer, and 4 kitchen towels so that was 6 things off of her registry. If you want to, you can add more. It was mentioned before- if your circle gives gifts at the shower and wedding, you might want to add more. My family typically does larger gifts at showers and then gives a card and a wrapped gift at the wedding.
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  • I say keep it small to increase the liklihood of receiving what you really want. Monitor the registry, and if any price range seems to drop too low, add some gifts. That is my current tactic. I did not follow the 2 items per guest rule since not everyone buys off the registry, and really, I just could not think of that many items I actually want.
  • Truthfully, as a guest, I'd rather buy a couple a toaster that they want even if I dislike buying toasters than buy something they half-heartedly placed on the registry for the sake of registering for a certain amount of gifts.
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