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Getting married in March...when should we register?

When do we register and how do we let our guests know where we are registered? I know that info does not go on invites, but we are not doing a website.

Re: Getting married in March...when should we register?

  • We registered around 2-3 months out from our wedding date.  However, if someone offers to throw you a shower further out, you'll need to register probably a month before that date.
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  • I was just going to ask this question because according to our check-lists on here it says to start registering...and my wedding is in April...
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  • If you register at a place like crate and barrel or macys, for example, they tend to pull into a search if someone googles your name, which most people do these days. Word of mouth also works
  • Registered in November for an April wedding...some people wanted to know for ideas for Christmas gifts and I ended up lucking out and got three place settings, a set of silverware, and the teapot/coffee server.  So I think you'd do okay to register before the holidays!

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  • I registered in August for our March wedding.
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  • I registered in January and the wedding is in October.  I got some random engagement gifts in January and then a few starting in May for my shower that was in July.  I have gotten about 1/3 of my items!  So amazed at peoples generosity.  I made sure I had plenty of options.  you never know what folks will get you so make sure there are plenty for folks to pick from.  Some early birds get you wedding gifts super fast. I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barell and Macy's. 

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  • We're getting married in April, and we've already registered.  You can go ahead and do it now - you may get some items for the holidays, and it will allow your bargain hunters to shop for you during the black friday/after christmas sales.

    Just check right around the time your shower and/or wedding invitations go out to make sure there haven't been too many things discontinued.  We actually registered back in March, and have only had 1 item get discontinued.  We may get more after the holidays, though, because most stores clear out a lot of inventory that time of year.
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