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so confused!

i know that you should register about 3 months usually before the wedding. that would be october. but my shower is going to be november 6. my maid of honor wanted to get it done before the holiday rush when everyone is to busy. i was thinking of registering when my FI comes home from westpoint. so about the second week in aug. is that to early?
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Re: so confused!

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    Registering earlier is fine, the only problem is that stuff might get discontinued before the wedding, so you will have to keep an eye on it.  But you should definitely register before your shower invitations go out.
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    We registered 6 months out and nothing got discontinued in that time. Just try not to register for seaonal items like for Thanksgiving and Christmas and you should be fine.
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    We got engaged right before the holidays last year.  We registered early so that if anyone bought us engagement gifts/Christmas presents there was something to choose from.  We have just added and updated along the way.  There really haven't been many changes. 
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    I started a registry really early (like 10 months before the wedding).  I had a bad itch to go shopping, but knew I shouldn't spend money.  Registering really hit the spot.  :) 

    I don't think it is too early to register. 
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    You do need to register before your shower, so just keep an eye on your registry.  Most of our items that were discontinued weren't discontinued until 2-4 months out.
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    I think you'll be fine, just keep an eye on it and update it as needed. 
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