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an etiquette question...

i have a wedding website where our registries are listed

would it be weird if i wrote something on that page about waiting for sales etc?
for example, one of our registries is macys, and their stuff goes on sale allllll the time. so would it be strange if i wrote something along the lines of "macy's holds super saver sales frequently, so be sure to look out for those!"

i want to do it as a courtesy to my guests, but i also don't want to be strange.

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Re: an etiquette question...

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    thanks guys for the perspective! definitely agree that it would be strange to see that, and i'll let people figure it out for themselves
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    Your guests are probably smart enough to look for sales themselves if they are interested in saving money like that.  I don't think it's really nessecary to point it out to them.
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