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Why is Cash and honemyoon registeries 'tacky?'


Re: Why is Cash and honemyoon registeries 'tacky?'

  • I'm going to make myself unpopular and state that I personally don't understand the aversions to HRs, either.  FI and I didn't plan on having any sort of honeymoon or registry at all, since we have very little money and very little space to store anything.  We didn't think of the honeymoon registry until family members gifted us with a timeshare week and airfare to Cancun all on their own.

    I don't see a difference between registering for items and setting up a honeymoon wish list.  Especially when brides around here say that you can just eBay items you receive but don't want, or give them away.  I have no problem with donating to Goodwill or wherever, but why imply to guests that you want x appliance and x place setting when you just plan to sell it or get rid of it?  If I were a wedding guest, that would offend me more than the couple being upfront and honest, "If you'd like to give us a gift, we would prefer contributions to our honeymoon fund."

    Someone previously mentioned asking for cash as a gift on other occasions.  I've actually done a very similar thing before -- my 2011 trip to England was entirely paid for by my FI and parents, who contributed to an amazing experience I wanted more than object gifts for my birthday and Christmas.  No one was offended, and through pics, videos, souvenirs, and some awesome genealogy info I brought back, I was able to share my gifts with them much more than if I had gotten an iPod or clothes or whatever.
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