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  • We got our whole set of everyday china as presents (registered at Macy's).  We were in Bloomingdale's looking at fine china after the wedding, and they were having a gigantic sale, including on our everyday china pattern.  They said that they didn't usually have it, because it was discontinued 5 years ago and places were just selling remaining stocks, but we didn't even know that!  We had a momentary panic where we considered stockpiling as much as we could, since it was such a good price and it seems like it'll get harder and harder to find, but we ended up limiting ourselves to just a few more bowls in a different style from what we have already.  
  • If you have trouble finding any china, crystal, flatwear etc  try They will also buy pieces from your that you don't want.

  • I have had many meltdowns over my registry. I haven't had anything discontinue on me yet, but I'm sure I'd flip.
  • The Ralph Lauren comforter I loved from Macy's was discontinued, I was seriously bummed over it.  I also had everyday drinkware discontinued, but that's fine.  What china pattern did you register for?
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  • What skippy said. China never really disappears. I can still get my great-grandmother's pattern from the 30s on Replacements Ltd.
  • I pots/cookware were discontinued and replaced with a slightly different version of basically the same stuff.  I just re-registered for the new stuff.  Thankfully it wasn't a "pattern"!  I would be seriously upset if I had to reselect china!  I'm glad yours was available at another store.
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  • Yeah I understand it was a hassle that caused a moment of panic until you solved the problem.  You made sure that the other store wasn't discontinuing the pattern too, before your wedding?
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  • My drinkware was discontinued along with some other small things I put on my registry. I may actually end up getting every day glasses on my own bc I'm not sold on any of the Libbey styles I'm seeing on Macy's or BBB sites. No bueno :/
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