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Hi there! I am the MOH in my sisters wedding trying to help her figure out the best cookware she should register for. What brands do you ladies prefer? Neither our mom or her MIL are big cook so not much family help on this one. Any advice you have would be great! Thoughts on Crate and Barrel, Pampered Chef, Corningware, etc. 

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Re: Cookware

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    I'm an All Clad fan. Also Le Cruset. 
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    Le Cruset is really good, but also very expensive.

    If they don't cook much, it might be nice for them to have a set of pots and pans, so they have everything they need, then maybe one or two nicer pieces for stuff they really will use a lot.

    For example, we got a standard Cuisinart set of pots and pans.  But my H eats a lot of omelets, so we also got a really nice all-clad omelet pan.
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    Anything that is tri-ply stainless is great.  Williams Sonoma just released a new in-house brand of tri-ply that looks incredible.  Triply means there is a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel.  This makes them very sensitive to heat levels, and you can throw them in the dashwasher.

    Le creuset is also excellent, though again it's a bit pricey.  But really, the quality is worth it.  Even my le creuset stoneware bakes better the corningware, pyrex, and off-brand porcelain baking dishes I own.  I have no idea why, but they do a beautiful job.  Their cast iron is even better.
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    Ladies thank you!! Question though, is there a difference in the old vs. new Corningware? She saw the Etch line and likes it but got confused because of the classic style with the Cornflower on it. Any guidance there would be great! I am going to pass on all these brands to her so we can keep researching!!
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    Old corningware could be used on the stove.  We're talking antique corningware could be used this way - the company got sold several years ago and corningware is now like any other porcelain.  It's oven and microwave only.  There's no difference between the etch lines and the cornflower corningware that was manufactured in the last couple of years (which is what she would have to register for).

    That's really why people are recommending cast iron - it's still stovetop and oven safe.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Cookware</a>:
    [QUOTE]Calphalon and cast iron. Don't balk at registering for the good stuff. The guests don't expect to get her cheap junk, and it's pointless to register if she has to replace it in a few years.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this times 1000.
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    we registered for circulon. i LOVE using it. my mom has it and i knew i wanted it immediately.  i'd reccomend NOT doing the glass lids though.

    Calphalon is a good choice too -- especially if you dont/won't cook often. its slightly cheaper and still good quality (from what i've heard)

    as far as bakeware. circulon and pyrex/corningware are good to go for.
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    FI and I got a set of stainless steel Cuisinart pots and pans for Christmas. I love them. I was afraid of stainless because I always used teflon coated pans. 

    So I suggest stainless steel!
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    I am a big cook. Love love love my calphalon contemporary non stick pans. Hate my stainless pans from William Sonoma, and they were not cheap. Also love my corningware that I have had for about 15 years. I'm leery of the new Pyrex. My sister had one of hers shatter in the oven. Also, a lot depends on the type of stove. I have a glass cooktop but fear Fi would scrath it with castiron although they say only older glass stoves had that problem. And my bf has induction and she needed magnetizable bottoms.
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