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where to purchase nice jewelry

i need ideas or websites to get my jewelry from as well as bridesmaids!
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Re: where to purchase nice jewelry

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    How much are you looking to spend, and what kind of jewelry?  I think Blue Nile has some nice silver necklaces (I have the one with three interlocking rings, which I wear all the time), although once you start adding stones their stuff gets pretty pricey.  I also have stuff from Green Karat (wedding band) and Brilliant Earth (diamond pendant).

    I really like the seller Gosia on Etsy.  I got a necklace for my friend that was our religious witness there as a thank you.  She makes really delicate pieces, IMO, which was perfect for my friend.  

    ETA: Those are all online places.  If you want jewelry store recommendations, try posting on your local board (on the left).  Also, another online thing, I always thought the Dogeared collection was cute (stuff like this), it just seems pricey for what it is.
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    It really depends on the style and price points you are interested in. Blue Nile is a good suggestion.

    I also like James Avery for simple, tasteful silver pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
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    It defintely depends on your style and budget, but I have found some sellers on etsy to have some great jewlery that I have ordered in the past for other gifts. I've ordered from this seller before and I am obsessed with her stuff. I'm likely getting these for my BMs since they can wear them after the wedding as well.  (link

    The other great thing about etsy sellers is that they can sometimes customize pieces. For example, I was in my friend's wedding last year and since I don't have pierced ears, she was able to order everyone the same earrings but with a screw on backing for mine. 

    Department stores like Macy's and Kohls  too also have nice jewelery that's affordable especially when you have a coupon. I saw a pearl silver and rhinestone bracelet at macys that matches  my dress perfectly and I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it. Hopefully it's still there when I go back. :)

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    I bought my bridesmaid's jewelry at Express. They always have coupons and I got a really really good deal.
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    I got my girls diamond jewelry from Kohls.  I hit up the after thanksgiving sale and got about 60% off of each! =)  Kohls always has coupons, so try them! Macys and Bon-Ton also have some nice jewelry.  Zales is another choice which is fairly reasonable when they have sales going on.

    For you, i'd suggest checking  i found my set through them and although its all fake, it looks quite formal and is not 'etsy' quality (handmade/beaded).

    You should definitely be able to find some good sales for Memorial day and 4th of July...

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    Etsy has a lot of awesome bridesmaid jewelry. Some shops even sell them in sets of 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. The Wedding Suite at Nordstrom also has a lot of nice bridal jewelry, although it is a little pricey.
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