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So this past weekend I had an amazing bridal shower. I was happy to receive some of the items off of my registry. Unfortunately I had a few people give random gifts that were not on the registry. Since there is still alot available on my registry and 5 months to the wedding, I was wondering if people will still buy those items off the registry and have it sent as a wedding present. I  know that people do not bring actual gifts to the wedding, but I wanted to know if people will continue to buy from the registry?

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  • The bridal shower is a party for the bride to shower her with gifts. Your registry is for your wedding in general, so yes, your wedding guests will probably want to buy items off of your registry. Like PP said, it depends on your circle, but where I live, guests typically bring a gift to the wedding instead of shipping it to the couple. Definitely keep it up.....also not sure where you're registered but some stores will give you a discount on the remaining items so you can get a good deal on the items that were not purchased as wedding gifts.

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  • We had a few more items bought off our registry after the shower--after the wedding we went back and purchased the things we really needed/wanted with our registry completion discount. 
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  • Do you know if you will have another shower?  In the South, it is not uncommon to have two or three showers for the bride (family and friends, work, bride side, groom side, you name it).  Since you still have 5 months until your wedding, another shower might happen closer to the date.  Plus if you have any birthdays coming up or any other gift giving occasion, you might get something off of your list.  I know that I received lots of things from my registry as Christmas presents. 

    Also, as other posters have said, some people will still bring a gift to the ceremony.  Depending on where you live, you may just get cash.  I believe that up in the New York, New England area, cash gifts are more common.  If that is the case, then you can buy items off of your registry, or put it towards the ceremony or whatever you and your partner would like!
  • "  know that people do not bring actual gifts to the wedding,"   Be prepared that some people WILL bring gifts (or cards with checks/cash/gift cards in them) to the wedding. Be sure to have a table for gifts and a box for cards. You will want this table located in plain site but not obstrusive or in the way.  You want it where it can be seen because theft does occur when this table is placed in out of the way or dark locations.

    I give wedding gifts from the registry, I have them shipped to the house ahead of time. If a the couple has registered for china, crystal, or good flatwear then that is what I almost always give them for a wedding gift.  I give other gifts from the registry for showers, usually every day dishes or small appliances, etc.

    DD and DSIL received about 30 gifts and probably 30 cards with checks/gift cards in them at the wedding. This was in addition to gifts & cards sent to them prior and after the wedding. 
  • I would keep it open for at least 6 months after, of even a year. Etiquette I've read has always stated guests have up to a year to send a wedding gift.  Also, DD was married in September, I did purchase a couple of items from their registry to give to the two of them as Christmas presents.

    You might want to check with the store where you're registered to find out what their policies are regarding registries.  Some may automatically close 6 months or a year after the ceremony has occurred.
  • DH and I found that the expensive items on our registries weren't purchased until they were given as wedding gifts.
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