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Hi all... I was wondering if it is appropriate to register at Home Depot for my bridal shower in addition to bbb. I was thinking along the lines of gift cards but didn't know if that was tacky. I am also unsure how to word it, if that is even necessary. Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback. :

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  • The purpose of a shower is to shower you with boxed gifts.  Nobody wants to watch you opening gift cards.  Also, registering for gift cards is in itself, tacky.  It is the same as registering for cash.
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  • Thank you and I was thinking that. My fianc and I were discussing so needed input.
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    Home Depot yes, gift cards no.

    Some Home Depot/Lowe's stores do have registries.  You can register for almost everything they have.  The problem is that the registry is not centralized; your registry would only be available at the particular location that you made it.  This makes it impractical for a lot of people.  Like PP said, Sears also has a registry where you can put tools and some supplies, and they are national.  
  • Thanks all.. Good to know!
  • I also suggest Amazon.  Craftsman tools are great; sears registries are notoriously bad.  Very glitchy.
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  • I personally feel, asking for gift cards is no no... Showers are all about physical gfts... so its better to make a registry of everything you want and need. 
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