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Registering and Gifts

When do I register?

We have a little less than six months until the wedding and about four months until the shower. I don't want register too early and have the items go out of stock. I've had people ask me where I'm registered and to let them know when I register.
How soon did you register?

Re: When do I register?

  • I registered about 2 weeks ago because I was in the city and had time to go to stores, and FI was not with me.  He hates shopping and usually stays in the vehicle when I go.  I was able to take my time and think about things without being rushed.

    I figured if people asked what I wanted for Christmas, I could direct them to the registry.  Along with that, if anyone starts asking- they may be able to find something on sale and put it away.

    As far as things going out of stock, it's going to happen.  Just keep up on your online accounts and delete things as they are no longer available.
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