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When should we register?

Hi girls! What is the general rule of thumb on how soon you should register? Getting married in May 2013. Thanks!
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Re: When should we register?

  • I wouldn't worry about it until maybe right before Christmas, people might want to start getting you items off your registry for Christmas gifts.  We went around the middle of November before the holiday rush started and our wedding is in April (2012).
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  • If you wanted to add things sooner than that, you certainly can, but keep in mind that things could be discontinued. 

    Now would be a good time to narrow down where you'd like to register, and to start making lists of items you need.
  • You can register up to a year out, if you stick with things that aren't likely to be discontiued (china, crystal, etc) or you don't mind checking it and updating, like me.  Some things WILL be discontinued, or they will be replaced with new colors, etc.  You will probably need to keep an eye on it no matter what as long as you register any time before next Feb/March or so when spring items for 2013 start to appear.  Pay particular attention to January 2013 when the white sales happen and stores get new stock in for the year.

    That said, I agree with PP that you should really do it before the Christmas rush, so I would make sure you have a comprehensive list before Thanksgiving.  I'm getting married April 2013, and a couple of my bridesmaids have already asked.  I told them to wait for black friday sales, and they thought that was a great idea.  Some brides on these boards care about getting money.  Personally, I'm starting out so FI and I need stuff - we don't care what people spend on us, we'd just really like an ironing board that doesn't collapse and a coffee pot that doesn't spill.  So we're directing people toward sales for those types of items.
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  • I agree before christmas, but I would respect those that like Black Friday shopping.  I LOVE black friday shopping.  I am one of those crazy people with excels and maps and up at 230am (I do my doorbusters online!)  and I"m done about 95% of my Christmas shopping in one day.  So if you're registered before then, chances are I'd get my shopping done on BF.  In all honesty (and this may not be true for all) if I budgeted $50 for your gift, and I got one of your items that was originally $50 for about $25 on BF, then I'd get you another gift.  But that's just me.  

    =) Good luck!
  • You girls are awesome, thank you!
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