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Cross country Wedding

Hello!  We currently live in Utah, but will be going to Michigan for our wedding.  We were just wondering if any place has a registry that can have people mail their gifts to us.  We are flying so we don't have room to bring gifts back.  Or does anyone have an idea of how to get gifts back home???

Thanks everyone and happy wedding to you all :)

Re: Cross country Wedding

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    Every place that has a wedding registry service has the ability to ship the chosen gift to whatever address you give them.

    There should be no gifts brought to the actual wedding and reception.  That's a huge no-no in the region where I live.
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    As PP said, people typically do not bring gifts to the actual wedding; rather, they should be sent to the address on your registry.  If you still have some old-school, bring-the-physical-gift people attending, try to get it circulating via word of mouth that it'd be really helpful if people mailed the gifts.
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