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Target Registry? I have heard awful things!

Has anyone had a poor experience with Targets Bridal Registry?! I have heard awful stories about their poor return policies and as one lady said "torture of brides". I've been told that they make it extremely difficult to even get store credit for duplicate purchases off your registry!

Re: Target Registry? I have heard awful things!

  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I heard so many bad things that we didn't go there.  Apparently, you have to have a receipt to make an exchange, even for store credit.  Most people don't know that and wouldn't include the receipt with a gift from your registry.  Also, since the sales people aren't as well trained on this as they would be at a store that really focuses on registry business, they frequently forget to update the things and you get a lot of duplicates.

    I read that they changed the policy so that you can return up to $20 worth of stuff with no receipt for store credit.  Gee, thanks.
  • I didn't have any problems.  I received 3 crockpots (yes 3) and returned two of them with no problem and I didn't have a receipt.  They just gave me a store gift card.
  • On the other end of the deal - Target registries have always been the easiest to shop with for me (I've been to a lot of weddings/showers for friends). The registry when printed out shows the person shopping for you exactly what isle the item is on - it's really helpful. That being said without a reciept returns are a pain in the butt!
  • We are registered at Target. We had an engagement party and several things were bought off of our registry. We never had any problems taking anything back.
  • So I work at Target and this is how it works:

    Target registry is super easy and Target has a pretty generous return policy.
    If you dont get reciepts, then all you do is print your purchase log from the gift registry kiosk (not your actual registry). You get full credit for the items on a store credit, which shouldnt be a problem because you obviously want their product, or you wouldnt have registered there, right?

    As for team members messing up and not updating registries correctly? Thats all automatic on the computer. And Target is (for the most part) understanding that this does happen. Team members really have nothing to do with that.

    Anyways. I would register there if I actually liked the housewares we carried.
  • My sister and BIL registered there and had a pretty rough time with it. They received several gifts which had never been opened and were broken. And Target has a limit on how much you can return per year. I think the limit is higher than $20, like PP said, but it's definitely under $100. The staff was ignorant in how they could return the items. If you're going to register there, I would check all the reviews on each item you decide on because my sister had to go through returning red and black square plates three times because each time there was at least one broken.
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    I'm not sure about their wedding registry, but when I registered there for my baby shower, it was a NIGHTMARE!

    I got lots of duplicates, things I didn't want, wrong sizes, etc - and of course, no gift receipts.  I had an entire shopping cart full of stuff to return.  I got there and was told "Nope, sorry.  No returns without receipts."  I told them I didn't have them, they were shower gifts, and I wasn't about to call 20 different people and ask for receipts so I could return the gifts they had given me. 

    I asked if they could return the duplicates on my registry without receipts, using a printout.  The girl said no.

    I asked if I could do even exchange for the Circo (Target brand) clothes that had tags that said Target on them. She said no.

    I asked her "Well then what am I supposed to do with all this stuff I can't use?"  She told me to go home, add all the items I wanted to return to my registry, mark them as received, and come back and she would return them for me.  I said "You just said I couldn't return stuff using a registry printout." and she said "Come to me, and I'll do it for you."  I made sure she was going to be there a while, dragged all that stuff back to the car, did what she said, and went back, dragging all the stuff back into the store. I got into her line and told her "Ok, I need to return these things from my registry" and she said "I'm sorry, you need a receipt to do a return or exchange."  WTF!  I reamed her out, told her I did EXACTLY what she told me to do, and asked for a manager.  She said there was no manager on duty.  LIAR!

    I went to a different Target.  Got a similar runaround.  Was told I could return 2 packs of receiving blankets (I received about 40 blankets for my July baby) but was told I had to exchange them for something in the same department.  No problem - the baby dept is huge.  I went and got some bottles and went back to Customer Service.  The same guy who told me to go get things to exchange then decided to tell me they had to be from the EXACT same dept - since I was returning blankets, I had to get more blankets or bedding.  I didn't NEED any bedding, sheets, or blankets - I already had more than I needed.  If I hadn't been 8 months pregnant, I would have leaned over that counter and punched him in the face.

    I got so frustrated that I left, sold the stuff on Craigslist (for less than 25% of its value) and vowed to never set foot inside Target again.  I sent a long complaint leter to Target's coproprate office and never received a reply.  

    ETA: Several months later, I decided to give Target another chance.  I saw something in the store I wanted, but didn't have a big enough car to get it home.  I went on their website to order it and have it shipped.  The price in the store said $89.99.  The price on the website was $129.99 - not counting shipping.  I went back to the store and got the SKU # (or whatever they call it) and compared it to the website.  Yup, exactly the same.  I called the 800# and asked if I could get the one in the store for the price on the website.  They said no.  I went round and round with them and the best they could tell me was that "Our store and our website are run by 2 different companies.  One has nothing to do with the other and we don't adjust prices."  I filed a report with the BBB.  They tried to mediate with Target, but after a year, Target still refused to budge.  So I got a letter from the BBB that basically said "Sorry, but Target isn't cooperating so we're closing your case."

    No offense to pp, but if Target was the last store on Earth, I'd learn to make my own clothes and grow my own food.  Even if someone gives me a Target gc, I refuse to use it.  I either sell it on ebay or give it away. 
  • Chosen, thats AWFUL.
  • My soon to be sister in law had a ton of problems with Target too. She couldn't return things, and she wrote a complaint to the corporate hq. They apologized and gave her some coupons and a gift card for all the trouble she was having. I wouldn't register there.
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  • I saw another post from another bride who registered at target and they "banned" her driver's licence number from more returns after only $70.00.  I've heard too many horror stories that I wouldn't tell anyone to register there!
  • I'm wondering if maybe this works by location? I live in Florida, and here, you're limited to THREE returns on your bridal registry. That's with or without a receipt, and it doesn't matter whether or not it's on your registry. Go figure.
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