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"Online Only" Items??

A lot of items that we want were not in stores. We found things we want on the store websites, but many of them say "Online Only" We have no out of town guests, so is it still ok to put online only items on the registry? Did anyone actually have people buy online only items that were on their registry??
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Re: "Online Only" Items??

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    Most of the gifts we received for our wedding were shipped to our house before the wedding. They were mostly from BBB, and I know that the majority of these were purchased online. We had a lot of guests from in-town and they still shopped online as opposed to going into the store.

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    Young people tended to buy the online only items.  People my parents age prefered going to the store. 

    I do about 50/50 of online shopping and in-store shopping. 
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    I like going to stores to buy gifts but if it was something the couple wanted (that I heard word of mouth) I would buy it online for them and ship it to their house
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    I do the majority of my shopping online.  I'd prefer to select something online and have it shipped directly to the couple, than buy it in a store, wrap it myself, take it to the wedding, then make the couple find a way to get it home from the wedding.

    Online is MUCH more convenient for me (I do a lot of my gift-shopping during fits of insomnia when I'm up in the middle of the night). 

    However, even if I have a gift sent ahead of time, I will usually still bring a card to the reception.
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    Are you talking about online only from BBB?  As far as I can tell, BBB only has free shipping for select items, which I would find annoying as a guest.

    ETA: We've had many items purchased online from our registries, including stuff from our Amazon registry, which is obviously online only. 
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    Are you having any showers?  I think it's a good idea to have items that are available in store for those, since so many people shop last-minute for showers.  And with BBB, shipping can be very expensive and you can't use the 20% off coupons online, so a lot of people would rather go to the store to save money.

    Edit: to clairify, it's fine to have online-only items on your registry, but I would try to make sure my registry isn't mostly/all online-only.
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    Thanks ladies! I will throw some online things on there for those who like to shop online. I will see if anyone chooses this option for the shower, and if it's a hit then I can add more for the wedding :)

    I also was concerned about shipping, but I guess that is up to the person buying if they'd rather pay shipping or tough it out at the store! I saw lots of things for free shipping, and we did NOT register at BBB, so we're safe there!

    I love shopping online .. trying to figure out why I never thought of doing so for events I have been to! Duh!
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