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Exchanging duplicate shower gifts

Surely this has been asked, and I apologize for the duplication. 

I've received a few duplicate gifts at showers.  Of course I won't USE any gifts until after the wedding, but do I return the duplicates now or then?  I do have gift receipts for some, but I'm worried about others losing their value in the next two months until the wedding.

Similiarly, do we cash checks that we have been given as shower gifts and just set the cash aside or leave the checks until after the wedding?

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Re: Exchanging duplicate shower gifts

  • You shouldn't have to worry about the item losing value as long as you have a gift receipt, but you should check the store's specific return policies to make sure.  For anything without a gift receipt, I would definitely return it now.   Store credit and gift cards might be your best bet (again, assuming they won't lose value or have fees assessed between now and the wedding).

    Definitely cash checks that you were given, and send thank-you notes, but don't spend the cash until after the wedding. It might be easier to deposit them into an account that you don't use so you won't accidentally spend it.   
  • Some stores won't accept returns after 30/60/90 days depending on their policy, so I would return them. Most store-specific gift cards no longer expire, so you should be safe doing that and then using your store credit after the wedding to get anything you didn't get as a gift.
  • Thank you OP for posting this as I was about to ask the same questions. I was looking at my registry (as I shamlessly do every Monday) and noticed that someone bought a set of 6 glasses that had already been purchased (giving us 12). While we love the glasses, we really only need 6 and only have room for 6 so I was curious if I should return them now or wait... and I was also curious about cashing checks, if we receive them. My shower is in another 1 1/2 weeks and I'm excited to see everyone and didn't want to come off rude but immediately cashing their checks. (again, if we get them).
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  • Cash the checks and put them into an account until after the wedding. Some people (myself included) balance their checkbooks, and it messes it up if the checks aren't cashed for a while.
  • I agree with the previous poster. Having money deducted from your account months after you write the check is a pain.
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