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Any ideas on a creative present?

My friend is getting married in two weeks, and they had to put the wedding together kind of fast.  I searched online and asked family members, and I don't think they got around to creating a registry.  He's a pretty good friend and we'd like to get them something that they'll really like...any ideas?
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Re: Any ideas on a creative present?

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    Bottle of wine and cash?  A gift card to a home goods store or their favorite restaurant? 
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    I'd stick with something you know they'll use rather than getting creative. I like pp's idea about a giftcard to a favorite restaurant.  Or since they're not finding time to create a registry, they'd probably really appreciate cash. 
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    I'd probably just give cash.  I don't know the circumstances, but if they are rushing to get married quickly, I'd guess there's probably some kind of life event going on, and anyway, everyone can use cash.

    If you're uncomfortable with that, I'd get a GC to a nice restaurant that they like, or an "of the month" club for something they're interested in (wine, beer, cigars, books, movies, whatever).  If they'd go for it, a couples' massage could be nice or tickets to a theater or sports event.  My parents got season tickets to a local theater for their anniversary one year.  It was a monthly date for them and they loved it.  If you know that they are going on a honeymoon, you could arrange to have them served champagne or breakfast in bed or something at their hotel. 
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