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It's early, but I'm already dreading going to see the James Bond movie tonight. H and I never ever go to the movies, but some friends want to go see James bond (and H is really into movies in general, especially big ones). I'm not a fan of spending $32 to see this in Imax when we hardly ever go.
 I'm not going to let myself pout when I get home, though, since I know H really wants to see it, and movies are his thing so he gets final say.


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    Good wife for pouting in private Carrie!! haha! 

    I flame not being naturally skinny and having to work my butt off to lose the elle-bees! Dang you genes and metabloism!! I flame you I say!!
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    Aw, Carrie...that is sweet of you! Sometimes I get a little tired of going to H's hockey games on Friday nights. I like going on Saturdays, but on Friday night all I usually want to do is go home and lounge on the couch all night, because I'm worn out from the week. But ohhhh well...it's better than being stuck in the house by myself, I suppose. I see a Red Bull in my near future.

    Tiffany - I completely agree with your flame! I've seen so many skinny women lately (who, are much older than me, mind you). I'm really curious if they have to try as hard as I do, bu I have a sneaky suspicion that they just have good genes.
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    I flame that my FI worked first shift the last two days [including today] and has to switch to third shift tonight. So he got home at 1645, and has to be up at 2200 to be at work by 0000. Mega flame- I work the next 2 days and he works the next 3. I won't see him until Monday due to our lovely schedules. Woo Friday.

    On the flip side, my patients were wonderful today!
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