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Don't own our own home and live overseas for about 9 months out of the year

My fiance and I live overseas for about 9 months out of the year for hiw job so we're a bit stuck on the whole registry thing. We are definitely going to be getting our own home in the future but we're not sure when exactly. We sort of have 3 homes - my home in NY, his parents home in NH and then where his job places him each year overseas. We're home in the summers but it just doesnt make sense for us to get our own place yet when we're only in the US for about 3 months a year.

So, we talked to our families and asked what they thought about a honeymoon registry and everyone has told us that they think its a great idea since many of the tradtional items, we will not have use for right now. I hearf of I believe....Of course, we still want to register at places to set aside things for our future home, but realistically, most of the items we register for will just be sitting in mine or his parents house in storage until we get our own place in the US within the next few years. Any advice/suggestions? 

The future "Mrs. Hassan"

Re: Don't own our own home and live overseas for about 9 months out of the year

  • There is a sticky at the top of this page that talks about honeymoon registries.  You should read it.  I am not a fan of asking people for cash.  Many people give cash as a wedding gift without being asked for it, and you can put that towards your honeymoon.
  • I assume your guests know what your living situation is and will already know that cash is a great gift for you. You don't need to ask your guestsfor cash, which is considered rude. Do the small registry for people who prefer giving boxed gifts and others will get the hint that cash is appreciated. Guest will put cash/check in a card, so you don't need a misleading website that charges fees.  
  • If I were you, I would just create a small registry of the things that you would register for normally. A small registry is usually an indication to guests that you would prefer cash. Honeymoon registries rub me the wrong way and are controversial enough that I wouldn't do one.
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