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Choosing colors

We're in the process of registering now, but we're having a hard time choosing colors .  We'd like to register for dishes in a color or color theme, but we are just in an apartment right now and don't know what our future home will look like.

Anyone else experience this? How did you handle it?  I guess we could just look at inspiration pictures of houses, but its hard to choose!

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    Since you don't know what exactly you want to end up with, you have 2 options.

    1.) Go for more neutral items. We did an ivory plate with slate gray border. It looks really classy and it will still look good in 10 years.

    2.) Or if you really want color, register for a bunch of Fiestaware that you can mix and match and then you don't have to decide on 1 or 2 colors. (I think they have green, blue, yellow, red and orange, but I may be wrong about that).
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    I think the fiestaware suggestion is a good one :)
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    Juliska makes a beautiful stoneware collection that comes in several colors, all of which coordinate with each other so you can mix and match. I know it's sold at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's, but I'm not sure where else.
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    You could register for more neutral dishes, then add some colored serving pieces, glassware or linens later on.

    We registered for somewhat neutral two colored stoneware that we can dress up or down with table linens:
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    We're registering for Noritake Colorwave dishes in 4 colors so we can have a variety in our everyday dishes.  I tried to go a little more neutral on our fine china, as that's something that will hopefully last forever whereas everyday will be replaced eventually.  I also tried to pick a pattern that matched my parents' china so that I can mix and match them for large gatherings.

    We also didn't register for any towels or sheets as those are things that will depend on the house we get.
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