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Bridal shower gift opening, at the shower or later in private

All the showers I have been to involved the bride opening gifts at some point while we sit around and watch and pass things around. It's nice for the first several gifts but when it gets to an hour and a half or much longer it gets pretty boring. Then I went to a shower where the bride to be didn't open anything at the shower. There were games and a lunch and lots of talking. It was fun. She thanked everyone for coming and announced that she would not be opening the gifts at that time but she appreciated that so many people came to this special day for her. 

Shortly after the shower we all received beautiful thank you cards which I thought was quite enough.

I would much prefer not to open gifts at my shower but I don't want to insult anyone. I tend to be shy and I hate that awkward moment when you open the gift and you like it but you have to go over the top to show how much. And then you get to do it over and over. I would love to make it about food, games and socializing and then open them in private and sent thoughtful notes.

What do most people prefer? Open presents at a shower or save it for later? I would rather have my guests happy more than anything else.
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