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Disney Honeymoon Registry?

I have never heard anything like this before.

Disney has a registry of events for a honeymoon.

Is this wrong to ask for? I feel like it's rude to ask for this stuff. example horseback riding passes, a night in the honeymoon suite etc

below is the link to their sample.

But it also worries me because if someone doesnt get us this stuff then will we not have a honeymoon?

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Re: Disney Honeymoon Registry?

  • Ok thanks. I personally dont think we will be doing this because I did just read the fine print. You can just take the fast that people pay on there! I think that would be wrong.

    Another bride used this and like it. I think this might give my guests the wrong idea of what we want.

    Cash it is for our Aulani Resort vacation!
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  • yeah I was just worried about the honeymoon registry because if ppl didnt buy the stuff then no vacations would be booked but i see how it works now
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  • Generally speaking, if you have to ask yourself, "Is this rude?" the answer is usually "yes."  Your gut feeling about this is absolutely correct.    And if you feel weird about it, then chances are your friends and family (who probalby have the same values as you) will also side-eye it.

    The reasons edielaura gave are 100% correct -- most "honeymoon registry" programs are kind of a scam in that the company takes a percentage of the money, AND most end up just giving the B&G cash anyway to do what they want with, and NOT the gift or experience that the giver intended.    Plus, registering for a honeymoon implies a sense of entitlement that the couple "deserves" this fancy vacation that they can't otherwise afford to pay for themselves.

    Chances are you will get monetary wedding gifts, and it is perfectly okay for you to use this toward your honeymoon :-)
  • If you cannot afford the honeymoon you want right now, I would encourage you to wait rather than hope that guests give you cash that you can use on a trip right after your wedding?  If you will really be heartbroken if you don't get to go on sunset horseback ride and you cannot pay for it yourself, postpone your trip.  
  • It really all depends on your circle of friends and your family.  In my case, it would be very tacky and not okay, I just can't fathom having my family who haven't been on a vacation in over 10 years pay for my horesback riding.

    You could have a small registry and just mention that you are hoping to be able to put money toward whatever by word of mouth.  As PP have said, they don't actaully give you passes or a GC for dinner they just give you a check and take a portion of the money!
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  • People on here never agree with honeymoon registries, but even the Emily Post Institute says that they are perfectly acceptable as long as you follow the other rules of registries (ie. letting people find out through word of mouth rather than putting the info in your invitation.)

    A honeymoon registry isn't meant to pay for your entire honeymoon. In fact, you shouldn't use one at all unless you can pay for the essentials. The registry simply allows guests to gift you with upgrades or extras that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. (Much as people often register for kitchen/linen upgrades or things they wouldn't buy for themselves.)

    Yes, you do end up getting cash so that you pay for the things your guests buy you, but if you actually use the cash as they intended, I don't see a problem. My FI and are using a Honeymoon Pixie registry, which has the lowest fees around, excellent customer service, and great-looking websites. We're really happy with the experience so far, and our guests think it's really cool.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Disney Honeymoon Registry?</a>:
    [QUOTE] My FI and are using a Honeymoon Pixie registry, <strong>which has the lowest fees around,</strong> excellent customer service, and great-looking websites. We're really happy with the experience so far, and our guests think it's really cool.
    Posted by JessicaBis14[/QUOTE]
    <div>As much as I don't like HMR, there are some out there that are actually free and don't charge fees.
    </div><div>Also, their lines about how LONG it takes for check funds to hit your account made me laugh.  </div></div>
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