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Is not recieving gifts ok?

My fiance and I do not want to recieve gifts. Though when I have mentioned it to some close friends they are almost upset with us. Is this OK?. We will be combining two houses when we do marry and will have plenty of things. Any thoughts how to tell people with out having to explain this everytime? I was thinking of asking for guests to make donations to their favorite charity or something of the nature but having a hard time incorporating that into the invitation or announcements. Any ideas would be great. Thanks 

Re: Is not recieving gifts ok?

  • I have the same concern!  My FI does not want to do a registry of any kind.  He thinks the whole idea of a registry is very strange.  He would rather people didn't give us any wedding gifts at all (thought I'm sure many still will).

    He feels very strongly about it so I have agreed to not make any registries for our wedding but I am nervous that people will find it rude.
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