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Register for Engagement/Graduation Party?

So we are combining my graduation party and the engagement party instead of having two parties within a few weeks of each other.  I've been asked by family members if we are registering.... is this for the wedding or the engagement party?

I didn't think you register for engagement party?   I mean, we're planning to register in April since I will be traveling most of May, so we will be registered before the party, but it's not FOR the party. 

I'm so confused.  Do I tell my family members where we are registered for this party?  I didn't think so but now I'm just confused. 


Re: Register for Engagement/Graduation Party?

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    I wouldn't register for an engagment party.  If you want to register for wedding gifts already, you can, and if people asked if you're registered, you can tell them.
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    Go on and register and tell people where if they ask, just like you would have anyway.  You don't technically register for an engagement party, but some people will want to give you gifts for it and they will appreciate the convenience of knowing what you want.  People really like giving things like cake servers, picture frames and toasting flutes for engagements.  Also ring holders, vases, etc.  At least that's what I see on my job as a bridal consultant.
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    Agreed...Register for the wedding.  If people ask you if you are registering for the party tell them no, but you have started a wedding registry.  We did our registry in the fall (engaged in August 2011, getting married October 2012) and received items off our registry already as engagement gifts (in the engagement party for us) and for the holidays.  I've actually received a few of the the more expensive items and am going to have to go back and add more things to the registry before my shower in July...
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    Thanks ladies!  It's not an added stress, since we will already be registered, I just thought it would be weird to say that we're registered.  

    I feel a little more comfortable about it.  Thanks! 
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    We did end up registering before our e-party, but mostly because of the constant stream of "where are you registered?" from guests.  We didn't publicize the registry to anyone, but if someone asked, we had an answer ready.

    Also, just so you know, registering far in advance of your wedding can be a bit of a pain because of the probability that at least some of the items you registered for will get discontinued over the course of your engagement.  Make sure you check in on the registry once a month or so to make sure you're removing things that have been discontinued from the list and replacing them with items that are currently available.
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