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XP Too many registries

My FI and I registered at Macy's and Target.  We then fell in love with several things at Crate and Barrel so we did away with Macy's and found similiar items on T and C&B.  

Now that showers are starting to be planned (not by me :) thought I would throw that in after reading other posts) People are asking me to register at different places. 

My home town and wedding site is in the middle of nowhere.  The town I currently live in is the same.  It is a 1.5 hour drive to the nearest target and 2 hours to crate and barrel for both towns and a large number of guests are coming from the 2 places.  Many of my guests are older and my mother does not feel they are internet shoppers.  

My shower hostesses in home town have asked me to come to the town and register at a local place for gifts.   It is a beautiful store so I don't mind but it's expensive.  So my mom asked me to register at WalMart because it is local and will have more affordable items for the guests.  

My maid of honor just informed me that she is planning a shower for me in November in the town where I currently live.  She and another friend told me that they would like us to also register at WalMart (again because affordable and local) as well as a local nice store.  

That makes 5 registries!!!  

I really did not want to register from WalMart because I wanted to upgrade our things to a higher quality so they will be long lasting.  Also, my FI is a manager at one so anything we might need from there we could buy at a discounted price.  But I understand convenience and affordability for my guests.   

5 seems so materialistic and selfish to me.  I don't want that!   

What is the world should I do?  

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