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Do NOT register at Belk

Do not register at Belk, at least in the South East. First off, the website is slow and not user friendly. Secondly, if by chance one of your guests is purchasing something and the sales person does not correctly scan you registry bar code, ALL of their items will added to your registry, ie. UNDERWEAR in my case. You will be unable to go in online and remove the items because they will appear as fulfilled. Calling customer service is equally useless, because they apparently have no ability to remove the items, even after speaking with management.

In order to have the items removed, you have to actually go into the store and have the wedding registry person do so manually. This has happened to me three time now, including 2 weeks before my wedding. The first time, ok I went in. But how many times am I supposed to go?

I have regretted registering with Belk. I would have completely closed down my registry, but I have only kept it open in case I need to return some of the items purchased before this fiasco began.

Just wanted to post this as a word of caution.

Re: Do NOT register at Belk

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    Post this on your local board,  I haven't a clue what Belk is.

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    Belk is a department store found mostly in the southern states. 
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    I've had nothing but praises for the Belk I registered at. Sorry you've had a hard time.
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    I hear you about not registering at Belk -- 

    After experiences with many family members who have gotten married in the last 10 years (5 different cousins) and several friends (gone to at least 4 weddings in that time) -- I encountered different registries for each one.  Belk was really popular to register in the south, especially in North Carolina / South Carolina, and for the most part, while I didn't have difficulty finding the machine to print registries in the actual store, it was a MESS to shop for a specific item from the registry (no organization to their store except for massive land masses that they call departments).  Their bridal dept. staff was always busy and never helpful, and when I finally picked up something to buy, I purposely would give the cashier the printed registry so they could scan it , but inevitably the cashier would screw up.  The bride ended up getting 2 of something they wanted 1 of, etc.  It was a royal mess.  

    That experience, as a shopper, is what drove me to choose different stores for my own registry (Bed Bath and Beyond, and Sears).  Thanks for posting this on TK -- i hope this is a good warning to others.  
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