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Macys rant

Why oh why has Macys decided to no longer carry my china OR sterling patterns? Not only are guests unable to buy items in-store, they can't be purchased online either.
AND even better, they didn't notify me! I just happened to be in the store one day to inquire about a price and the salesperson told me, this item not available to order - even though the registry shows "available for order".
What the heck?
AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, everyone I've spoke with (1800#, registry consultants at different stores, salespeople) all tell me a different story. "It's available" "It's not available" "buy everything yourself now" "it's clearanced" "we only have 4 left" "guests can still order this, don't worry".
First, the nice part is that guests are actually gifting this to us. Second, the vendor has not discontinued making the items, the stores have decided to no longer carry them.
So, I'm currently struggling to find an alternative store to list these things.
Thanks for listening.

Re: Macys rant

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    It may not be Macy's fault if the manufacterer decided to stop making them. Do any other stores carry them?
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    [QUOTE]It may not be Macy's fault if the manufacterer decided to stop making them. Do any other stores carry them?
    Posted by sister2groom[/QUOTE]

    <div>If I read the OP's rant correctly, the item is not discontinued. The buyers at Macy's as decided to not replenish both patterns she's chosen for her registry. AND Macy's did not notify her of this fact, which may be problematic for guests choosing to purchase her china or flatware. </div><div>
    </div><div>Bad form on Macy's part. Bloomingdales did the same thing to me with the first china pattern I chose, but they at least notified me online about it. </div>
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    Try Bed Bath and Beyond.  We picked a pattern that Macy's carried and BBB did not.  Turns out, they can actually order it directly from the manufacturer at BBB and it was a lot cheaper than Macy's.  So we moved our china over there.  the only downside was that it had to be shipped and had like a 6-8 week lead time.  But that might be okay for you!

    If it is a manufacturer that BBB carries and they are still making it, I bet you can get it from them.  Good luck!
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    I'm going through the same thing with Macy's. I'd change patterns and registries but I already have 8 place settings for it. I'm planning on looking for the other 4 settings on amazon after the wedding. Now our bed linens are on "closeout" and fastly fadding. I'd highly recommend to future registers not using Macy's unless you're only having a short engagement of 2 or 3 months.
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