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Registry removal question.

I do not know what to do please advise.

I do not even know if the answer matters. I will give one example of what has happen. My wedding is in April, also in April I will move from my tiny apartment to my husband’s house.

I am registered at Macy’s , my friend went to my registry and saw that I registered for a decanter. She purchase decanter (probably from her job) as my Christmas gift. Since I do not have the room for it in my apartment I put it in my fiancé’s basement and we will use it after the wedding. I went onto my Macy and removed the item from the registry.
This has happen about 6 times between my fiancé and I. My aunt said I am suppose to change it to zero this will let other guest know that I have received wedding gifts.
Does it matter?

Re: Registry removal question.

  • I don't think it matters one way or the other.  As long as it's not on there as unbought and there's still plenty of stuff to be bought on the registry, nobody will notice.

    We have had to take a few things off our registry that people bought for us at other places.  Not a big deal.
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  • Thanks, I am thinking my aunt wanted to appear as the wedding expert.
  • With Macys you can update the quantity purchased so that it will be shown as purchased when others see it.
  • I would update your registry to show that item has been purchased (it doesn't matter where and you can't indicate that anyway). If I am looking at your Macy's registry and see the decanter listed then I might purchase it for you. While a decanter is something you might want more than one of, what if it were bathroom scales or a large Kitchenaid mixer, would you want 2 of them?  The point of the registry is to show what you still want/need.  I was always told that you should update your registry when something gets purchased for you from another source.
  • I was removing stuff completely after we receved it, my aunt said I should change it to zero . I do not know if either way matters. My aunt says zero indicates to other guest, people are purchaisng stuff off of my registery, removing it does not tell guest I am receiveing gifts.
  • We are changing the numbers to zero so that someone sees that it has been purchased, rather as something that we did not include. If you put the number at zero, they will see that you already have one (so they wont be tempted to buy another) whereas if you remove it, someone may notice that X-item isnt on your registry but think that you might want one anyway and get that for you, rather than choosing another item from your registry.

    For example if your friend/family member told someone you wanted X-item, and that someone printed your registry but saw it wasnt listed, they might get it for you anyway because they heard you wanted it. But if you change the number to zero or mark it as recevied , they will know you already got one. 
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now that makes sense.
  • Yea, I don't really think it matters...either way is fine.

    But for example, say you chose a blender and you delete it off your registry because someone bought it and someone else goes to your registry but don't see anything they want to purchase. They may buy you a blender if they see you don't have one on your registry.

    Maybe something to consider, but you are fine wither way.
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