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Best online gift registry?

I've heard that has an online gift registry. And I think TK has one called Registry360. Anyone ever used an online registry? Which one did you like most and what were the pros and cons of each? Thanks!

Re: Best online gift registry?

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    A non-wedding related registry? If so, I don't know.

    In terms of wedding related, it seems like the majority of my guests purchased from my Macy's registry that either BBB or Crate & Barrel. While I liked the Crate & Barrel one best, it seems like ease of use/familiarity for guests was Macys.

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    [QUOTE]We used and liked it. It was free and easy.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

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    We used Amazon, it was fine.  Most stores have online shopping for registries, though.  What exactly are you looking for?
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    I hav amazon and I love it for my registry
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    I was actually wondering about wedding registries, specifically one that doesn't have a brick and mortar option - like BB&B or Macy's. We're registered at BB&B, Macy's, and Williams Sonoma, but I was thinking about canceling one and making an online-only registry. I like all three of our retailers, but there are just some things that we want that are only seasonal in the stores. We figured we would have better luck with seasonal items (like Christmas stuff) if we used an online-only registry that people can buy from all year round. Anyone made an online-only registry for seasonal items specifically?
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    Jerseychic and Jessica, what were the pros and cons for the Amazon registry?
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    I like shopping at Amazon, and a lot of my guests did, too. 

    - free shipping on many items
    - easy shopping experience
    - trustworthy/widely-known site that is relatively easy to navigate
    - can add items sold anywhere on the web via the universal registry function (note, if you do this, be sure to give your mailing address on your wedding website or something, because the shipping address will not be automatically entered as yours on the third party website like it would be on Amazon)
    - guests can mark an item as purchased elsewhere, so they don't have to buy from Amazon but can still update your registry if they get something

    - no free returns unless something is defective, you have to ask Amazon to extend the return window (at least that was the case for us)--note that items purchased via the universal registry would be subject to the third party's return policy, not Amazon
    - no completion discount, as far as I know (many b&m stores offer a completion discount on registries)
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    We're not using an online registry for ourselves, but I used to buy someone else a gift.  It was a huge pain in the ass compared to a normal online registry like Macy's.  I was getting fed up and I know that someone like one of my parents (who aren't strangers to online shopping, but would get confused and annoyed with all the additional steps) would have given up completely.

    It's silly, but that combined with with bride and groom not putting their apartment number on their listed address made me want to shake my fist in rage.  "I'M TRYING TO GIVE YOU GUYS A GIFT!!!!!  WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS SO HARD?!?!"  Again, silly and an overreaction.  I'm sure that is easy for the bride and groom, but I hated that I didn't have any other registry options.
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    Amazon has been really easy to use update ect.  I havent gotten married yet so I havent had the need to return anything or even a need to

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