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First wedding gift.... mistake haha

So this is random but somewhat funny I thought. My fiance and I came home to a big box from C&B yesterday.... four months ahead of our wedding! We couldn't believe we already got a gift, but were so excited to see what it was and more importantly who it was from!

.... we opened it and saw it was from... my fiance's mom!  We have our first shower more than a month away so we were so suprised by this. Corey texted his mom to say thanks... but that the pre-shower, far pre-wedding gift was so generous and unnecessary... then she said, oops, she meant to send that to herself for our shower in a month! ooops. We told her we'd re-wrap it and awkwardly open it again at the shower. ahah

Re: First wedding gift.... mistake haha

  • I totally thought this had happened to us.  A couple sent us a wedding gift 5-6 months in advance of the wedding, and since we had mutual friends getting married that weekend that were registered at the same place, I thought there had been a mix up.  I had FI call them to let them know we had received it and it was in fact for us.
  • It was just so strange to see a gift so early! It was really exciting... just funny to find out it was a mistake haha

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