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3 Registries..?

I'm thinking of Registering at Pottery Barn and Bed bath and beyond, and maybe Macy's.  Is it okay to register at 3 different places or does it look too gift grabby?  The only reason why I would be registering at Macy's is for the fine china and maybe some other nice crystal pieces.  Should I just combine Macy's with BBB?

Re: 3 Registries..?

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    3 is fine. Anything more than that is overkill.
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    Popular opinion on here is that 3 is fine.  Personally I think 3 looks gift grabby.
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    3 is fine.  A lot of this depends on region.  New England tends to do physical gifts for the shower, cash for the wedding - that means you need fewer items.  Down where I live we give physical gifts for both so you need larger lists.  I often see 5+ registries and don't really think anything of it.  Usually one or two stores are local shops or specialty fine china/silver stores, often one store in the bride's hometown and the other in the groom's.

    Personally I always advise registry stalking people in your circle and seeing what was the norm for them.  I'm on the low end of my friends with 4 registries.
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    Thanks so much!
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    I think it depends entirely on the number of gifts on each registry.

    If your guest list is say, 100 people, and you have 35 gifts on each registry, I can't imagine how that would look gift grabby. However, if you have 200 gifts on each registry... then yeah... weird.
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    I personally have 3 (Crate & Barrel, BBB, & Macy's).  The bulk of my registry is at BBB because I like that people can use the 10% off coupons to buy things.  I like C&B servingware, so that's where I got most of that stuff.  I personally dislike Macy's as a store, so I only used them for literally 3 items (things I could get at the above 2 stores).  I was pleasantly surprised to find that BBB carries some really high-end brands for flatware & crystal.  I would check out BBB first and see if they carry items/brands that you like.  Then you may not need a Macy's registry afterall.
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    I think three is totally fine!  Four is a bit much in my opinion.
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    Thanks Ladies!!
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