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Stumped on groom's gift

What did you or have you got your groom? I am thinking a nice vintage/vintage looking watch but he is very particular on what he likes.  Also thinking of a vintage/vintage looking leather camera bag.

Re: Stumped on groom's gift

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    I'm thinking of doing boudoir pictures.  But that's just me.  If I decide not to do that, then maybe a watch or something golf related.  I like the watch idea though.  Maybe try and get show him watches you like and ask his opinion or something until you find one he likes.
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    We aren't getting eachother anything.  I think we will just write cards to the other with something heartfelt.  We're spending so much money on the wedding and the honeymoon, it's just kind of an unncecessary expense. 
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    I did boudoir pics.
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    I would get him whatever you would get him for his birthday.  FI has wanted an iPad since they first came out.  I'm hoping to be able to save enough money to be able to get him one (even if it's a less expensive older model).  
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    I thought of boudoir photos, but since I am really self conscious (I am a heavier gal) I do not think I would be comfortable with that.  For those that have done boudoir photos, did you feel comfortable when having them taken?  Also, this is a gift I will more than likely be giving him right before the wedding - therefore he will be with his groomsmen and possibly his father, and some other other males in my family.  I do not think I would want him to open an album of risque photos of me in front of them.  I

     am planning on getting him a card - that says "Holy $hit! We're getting married!" - I showed it to him one time on Pinterest and he found it really funny so I decided that is what I would do as the card.  He wanted to send it out as the invitaiton.  Happy medium, right?  But in addition to the card with a note from me to him,  I want to get him a gift, especially since we are not going on our honeymoon til 2 weeks and 2 days after our wedding because my sister is getting married two weeks after us.  We want to be around for all the hoopla leading up to her wedding, and to be there if she needs anything.

    I think I will take him shopping and pay attention to what he says what he likes between now and then.  He has already bought me something for the wedding - I know this because when I wanted to check his email to see if our photographer emailed, he wouldn't let me in to his email.
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    I was curious about he boudoir pics also. Is is comfortable? Do you feel ashamed? How do you know that the pics wont be plastered all over the internet from the photographer?
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    Good question deanozzi! I didn't think of that one.  Something to be concerned about.
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    If you are thinking about doing boudoir pics and have questions, I would post on your local board to ask about experiences with photographers you might actually use.  I have heard really good things about doing it, though--you will feel sexy, empowered, etc.--but I didn't do them myself because I ran out of time.
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