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What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids?

I am curious to hear what other brides have decided on giving to their maids :

Re: What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids?

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    I got them silver pendants/necklaes.  All three were different to suit the personalities and styles of the different women, and they were not meant to be worn at the wedding (though of course if they wanted to wear it I wouldn't have cared).   They ranged in price from $45 - $60.
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    In Response to Re:What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids?:[QUOTE]I got them silver pendants/necklaes. nbsp;All three were different to suit the personalities and styles of the different women, and they were not meant to be worn at the wedding though of course if they wanted to wear it I wouldn't have cared. nbsp; They ranged in price from 45 60.
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    That is a cute idea : I was wondering if we should be getting something along that line that could be used in the wedding if they like and after. So far I got my girls little coach purses, but was thinking of putting some goodies inside, either makeup or some jewelry.
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    All my BMs are huge wine drinkers, so I bought them each a bottle of wine they would personally like from a local winery along with a gift card to a store each would like.

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    I'm getting married in far have purchased them all a mug from Anthropologie w/ their initial on it (you've probably seen them, they're everywhere), pair of cashmere gloves (different color for each girl), a "hot chocolate on a stick" to pair w/ the mug, a small bottle of rose champagne, and a gift card to their favorite store.  So it's all the same stuff, but personalized somewhat (especially the gift card, which is the "main" gift anyway), but I did want them to seem cohesive.  I have 8 bridesmaids, so getting them all something totally different while keeping it in the same general price range was starting to get really stressful, especially since i just christmas shopped for most of them too!
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    I got each of my girls a Vera Bradley wristlet in a pattern that fits their personality. I also plan on getting my MOH a watch since she loves playful, fun watches. I'm going to put a personal note in each about why I love them and value our friendship. 
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    I bought my MOH concert tickets, a bottle of wine and a necklace.  I bought my college friend two bottles of wine, some cute wine glasses, and wine charms.  My SIL got a beach bag with sunglasses, a beach towel, flip flops wine, and some hair accessories.  The other BM was a bottle of wine, a book, some earrings, and funny slippers.  

    Other that wine (which is a hobby we all share) there was no matching theme to them.
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    my "maids" were all guys so we bought them an expensive bottle of their preferred type of liquor and 2 of the guys we also bought a fancy dart board and cabinet  off amazon and the other guy will be doing extensive backpacking/travelling soon so we bought him a lifetime membership for hosteling.
    we had a wedding party of only 3 so we were able to spend a bit more on them.
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    For a shower hostess gift, I got my maids (I had 3) a Vera Bradley wristlet and makeup case in patterns that suit them.  For their WP gift, we got all 6 attendants a waterproof mp3 speaker case.  It's a very cool, good quality item that half of our WP had directly expressed interest in wanting after seeing mine.  Everyone seems to very much enjoy everything.

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    Coach bags, which matched each one personally.

    I also gave them necklaces to wear the day of, but not as part of the gift, b/c I wanted them to be for the day of
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    gift totes tailored to each girl. I have seven so I won't get into all of them, but one is a major reader so I got her a mug, some fancy hot cocoa, cozy socks, and a B&N gift card. BFF is a runner so I got her a new water bottle and some of the gel packs and bars she likes. Looking around for a new medal display for her. One is a wine drinker so I got her a fun cork, glasses, and a bottle from a local vineyard. 

    So on and so forth. 
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