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Groomsmen Gifts...HELP!!!

Does anyone have any UNIQUE ideas for groomsmen gifts??  We having a non-traditional wedding and our groomsmen are all very different and non-traditional, as well.  We have thought about beer mugs and zippos but we are looking for fresh and new ideas for the guys who are between 27 - 35.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Groomsmen Gifts...HELP!!!

  • Golf course gift certificate
    Outdoors stuff (life jacket, climbing gear, tent, sleeping hammock)
    Movie Theater gift card
    Coffee-Lovers gift package
    Tickets to a game of a team they love

    There are tons of "unique" (as in NOT wedding-related, not engraved lighters or multi-tools) ideas if you shop as if you wanted to get something nice for groomsman X.  Think about the individual likes and activities of each person.  The gifts don't have to match, either.  

    Isn't your groom coming up with ideas?  I mean... my FI is the one in charge of deciding on and purchasing his groomsmen's gifts.  Maybe we're different than most.

    Good luck! 
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  • My FI once got a flask with his initials engraved on it he loved it. I agree it maybe easier if you get something different for each that might fit their individual style.Good Luck!
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  • guys always appreciate nice bottles of liquor.

  • DH did personalized poker sets for his GM.  They all play and loved the new sets. 

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  • If they're sports fans, you can order personalized t-shirts for them with their last names on the back.  We were going to get Phillies shirts because our wedding was on round 3 of the playoffs in 2008, but we wouldn't have received them in time.
  • DH got his groomsmen watches from Macy's.  They were very nice and I think he spent about $100 on them.  Everyone loved them! 

    Or otherwise, I agree wtih shopping like it is their birthday.  All the matching, trinkety type stuff rarely gets used. If you are going to spend the money, buy them something they will actually use and like.
  • We picked out a different cologne set from Macy's for each of my husbands groomsmen. We also included a gift receipt in case they already had it and wanted to return it. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Groomsmen Gifts...HELP!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]guys always appreciate nice bottles of liquor.
    Posted by theanglfac[/QUOTE]

    <div>That's not true at all.  J doesn't drink and neither do 2 of his GMs.</div><div>
    </div><div>OP, Just have your FI shop for them as if it was their birthday.  He doesn't have to get them all the same thing.</div>
  • H got one of them a pocket watch that was engraved, one a grill set bc he likes to camp & cook out, his brother a flask with a bottle of Crown and gosh, I can't remember the rest.
  • Our groomsmen were such different people, that we had different gifts for each.  

    A bottle of wine for the oenophile
    A bottle of scotch for the Scotsman
    Restaurant gift card for the foodie
    Snuggly for the new dad
    Canteen for the mountaineer (He plans to climb Everest).
    Scabbard for the Re-enacter. 

    We kept the price point roughly the same for each and they seemed real happy.  Or at least faked it well.  
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