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Parent gift ideas

So what is everyone getting their parents for gifts? I have a good idea what to get FMIH, but have no idea for my own mom. She is girly, but tom boy at the same time, if that makes sense. Then as for the fathers, I have no clue. Maybe other people gifts with give me some ideas! thanks everyone!
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Re: Parent gift ideas

  • We told our parents that we would make a wedding album for them.  We just got them in the mail last week, so I'm excited to give it to them.

    A nice frame for your wedding picture or family photo usually goes over well with parents.  
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  • I think we're doing gift cards/tickets for a night out for each set of parents.  Basically we wanted to give them a nice night to themselves after all the work they're putting into the wedding.  Do you think your mom would like a spa gift card or something like that?
  • we are getting hankies embroderied with a quote that applies to each parent. Then after the wedding, they will each get a wedding album.
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  • We paid the cost of extra albums from our photographer, one for each set of parents, and also got my parents a gift card to their favorite high end restaraunt. 
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